Brian Cox
Brian Cox as William Stryker
Name: William Stryker
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: US Army
Codename: Stryker
Position: Colonel
Hometown: Hometown
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'0"
Father: NA Weight: 180 lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Grey
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA


William Stryker was a soldier and a special forces officer before the birth of his son. Though the child seemed healthy and normal, his mutation manifested over the course of his childhood — a terrible mutation that ultimately led to the horrific death of Stryker's wife. Even before that tragedy, Stryker had shifted paths to master an understanding of the conditions that could have caused his son's mutation and then, though he also sought a cure, he began looking for ways to control mutant abilities and put them to work for the benefit of the government. Then, at least, there would be some reason for the horror of mutation: the greater good.

The implant in Stryker's brain was the result of an ongoing program running parallel to Stryker's own work. Having it put in place was a terrible risk that Stryker undertook willingly, both in order to test the implant and to make it possible for him to work with telepaths in Weapon X. The project garnered him a great deal of support and added to his already impressive reputation

Stryker has been a lead researcher on and proponent of the Weapon X program for years. He has been personally responsible for the experiments done on mutants, the adamantium research and usage, and the training of special forces units utilising mutants as soldiers and weapons alike. He is notorious for his ruthlessness, his efficiency, his patriotism, and his personal sacrifice for the program.

IC Events


  • None.

On Game History

  • Weapon X aggressively began taking mutants from peaceful protests and disappeared them into the program
  • Experimentation to weaponize said mutants was undertaken while these mutants were in Weapon X custody
  • One experiment (Kitty Pryde) managed to escape, and got other mutants/heroes involved in stopping the program
  • Stryker became increasingly agitated over the state of the Weapon X program and continued to assert the necessity of Weapon X and weaponizing mutants
  • Through several rescues, Stryker lost some of his most crucial assets, including the blondes (5 telepathic sisters) and X-23 (Laura)
  • Director Colcord of the program, the actual man in charge all along, asserted that their work extended far beyond simple weaponization and should conclude many other components —> Stryker believed they should continue in their current lines
  • Weapon X was exposed by St. John Allercyde (anonymously) in the newspaper and Stryker became the man left holding the bag
  • Determined to ensure that the reporter could say nothing else, Stryker tracked down Sinjin and had Deathstrike and Akihiro attempt to bring him in and/or kill him
  • The pair were unsuccessful at killing Sinjin, and he further exposed them, admitting to why he was brutally attacked (burnt to a crisp) and sent to hospital as a result
  • Stryker sent Deathstrike to finish the job, but David North and Kitty Pryde stopped the attack
  • Stryker was the man left holding the bag and was ceremoniously released from the Weapon X program over to a military tribunal.



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