Gage Golightly
Gage Golightly as Althea Harman
Name: Althea Harman
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Thea
Position: Nursing Student
Hometown: New York, NY
Partner(s): NQ Height: 5' 7"
Father: David Harman Weight: A lady never tells!
Mother: Callidora "Callie" Harman Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Alcides Harman Eye Color: Brown
Children: NA


Althea Harman was born just over nine months from the wedding of her father David and her mother Callidora (Call her Callie, please) in Greece. Her father met her mother while an attache to the Greek ambassador from the States. They met, fell in love, and despite some dissent from Callie's family, wed a few months after meeting. As the first grandchild, Althea became the apple of her grandfather's eye, often sent little presents and notes, and sometimes just money for her to 'play with'. She grew up with a Greek Nanny, and speaks Greek as well as English as a mother tongue. It was private schools, tutors, and carefully planned parties, growing up. It was apparent once she hit puberty while she inherited her mother's eyes and figure, her blonde hair was not going to darken as her mother's had, and remained a bright golden blonde. Her brother, who had come along as a surprise to her parents when Thea was eight, looked much more like their mother, and quickly became her favored offspring. Thea used this displacement of attention to widen her horizons, making outings without a driver and meeting people her mother never would have approved of.

It was during one of these outings that a car accident triggered Thea's powers. While she herself was shaken but unhurt, the driver of the other car was not so lucky. Thea's head reeled as her mutation manifested itself, and yet.. she went on instinct, helping to ease the man out of the car, knowing where he was hurt and how badly, helping to comfort and ease him until help arrived. She was terrified to tell anyone of her new …secret, and has yet to divulge it to this day. Perhaps if she explained it to her parents, they would understand her drive to work in the medical field.. even if she's not sure still wheter being a nurse will be enough for her.

IC Events


  • Biokinesis: Thea can sense things about the bodies in the people around her. Blood pressure levels, recent/current injuries, if blood flow is slow, sluggish, or blocked. She can read information on a person's general health, pinched nerves,broken bones, etc. The distance between her and the target affects the speed of her healing ability. Through the laying on of hands, Thea can cause the surface of a wound to knit together, though should she have to do this in an emergency situation, it can result in the twisting of scar tissue. She can heal a bullet wound (non-lethal, obviously) in a matter of a few minutes, if she can lay on hands and focus strictly on that one individual/one wound. The bigger the wound, the harder it is, and too many leave her limited in how much healing she can do at one time. When she can not lay on of hands, she can still accelerate the healing, and keep a target in much better condition than without her help. The more she lays on of hands, the more of her own energy/vitality she burns, and the more quickly she will tire out.
  • Body/Brain chemicals: Thea has the ability to raise levels of chemicals in the body: Seratonin (It's a factor in clotting, helping digestion, as well as helping a feeling of well-being) , melatonin (Helpful for putting someone to sleep/mellowing them out), as well as Norepinephrine (which is related to fight or flight response to stress, and can be used to stay alert) and Epinephrine.
  • BP Interference: can help raise or lower a person's blood pressure, in order to try and keep someone stabilized. Doing so for any serious length of time, however, is heavily taxing, and if she is forced to do so for too long, it can play havoc with her own self of sense and her own blood pressure.
  • Fluid separation: has a limited ability to separate levels of the circulatory system and components of blood. Example : Encouraging platelets to a wound to cause it to clot more quickly, or to encourage white blood cells to concentrate in the area where she senses infection. Of course, she could also do this in reverse, and cause someone to not clot and keep bleeding.
  • Physical intuition: While Thea can not see broken or cracked bones like one would on an X-ray, she can sense/'see' some damage has been done to it, and with her medical training, go from there to try and define just how bad the damage is. Same goes for dislocations, snapped or strained ligaments, tendons, etc.



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