{$actor} as Veruca Alexandria Mikhailov
Name: Veruca Alexandria Mikhailov
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Fracture
Position: Mercenary
Hometown: Hometown
Partner(s): Deceased Height: 5'7
Father: Deceased Weight: 130lbs
Mother: Deceased Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Light Blue
Children: None


- Veruca was born in Russia under circumstances that caused her mother to die during childbirth. While her father never spoke upon what it was, it was clear that it was something traumatizing to the man that led him to want nothing to do with her. When she was four, he gave her up to an orphanage that was off the books, obviously an experimental section within the KBG that trained child soldiers up into their adulthood.

At the age of ten, Veruca entered into combat training whilst continuing her literary studies, and by pure accident, her mutant powers manifested, causing a horrible accident upon the training field. This led to her apprehension after, and stuck into a 'hole' where scientists observed her powers, documented it, and effectively experimented upon her.

This developed a sociopathic side within her, that allowed her to excel in her studies both on and out of the field. At the young age of sixteen, she was indoctrinated into the KGB, and given to a family within the states at an unknown location to live out her life as an American. During this time, she helped this family achieved their goals until the entire cell was recalled. Those reasons remain unknown.

Since the age of eightteen, Veruca was sent off on random missions as a sabateur, often gaining intelligence and creating contacts along the way. She was caught terrorizing a young couple, without even knowing that they were all on the same side. Her lack of remorse is what put her on verbal probation, her lack of caring for that verbal probation resulted in someones tongue.

No longer seeing the KGB worthy of her time, Veruca struck out. Perhaps it was an addiction or looking for a way out, she struck out on her own around the world, stowing away on various cargo planes to wander and here. Every now and then, someone worthy enough would come along to follow, and in boredom, she'd leave, leaving a trail of devastation in her wake.

It wasn't until she decided to live the good life. Find a nice boyfriend. Settle down and nearly become married, all just for the feel of experience when everything around the world went to shit. Along with the life that she had built and pretended, which she found fascinating. And because of that devastation? She snapped. And now she's in the states.

This is where the story of her downfall begins.

IC Events


  • Catoptric Replication- Veruca can effectively create clones of herself using a mirror-like surface. Her limit is only five, for the actual clones themselves are replications of her true self, which causes her true self to be weakened when she extends herself. Her clones, as it were, are separations of her. Which means that they have their own minds, and often times, are called their own names by Veruca herself to establish a form of heiarchy or acknowledgement. The clones themselves can be killed at any time, in which they shatter into glass. This also injures Veruca and could put her into shock.
  • Catoptric Teleportation- Veruca can teleport via mirrors or any reflective surface. The reflective surface/mirror has to be something that she could naturally fit through. A tiny drop of water won't do it. A very large puddle can. She cannot teleport through a hand-held mirror, or anything naturally smaller. The range of her teleportation can happen in a ten mile radius and nothing further, and can be performed in quick bursts until she tires out. (Usually five times)
  • Mirror Imprisonment- Along with her teleportation tactics, Veruca can effectively trap someone inside of a mirror or reflective surface of her choosing. This trick is faulty, for a break or disruption of the surface can free them almost instantly.
  • Reflection Manipulation- Veruca can use mirrors or any reflective surfaces to spy on or communicate with others. (WITH PLAYER CONSENT) Easily disruptable.
  • Unique Physiology- While it's unclear if Veruca is a mutant or uses magic, her unique physiology under duress is the stuff of horrors. Glass shards porturde from her skin at various points, in which she can remove without causing harm to herself. There are also runes embedded within her skin, which gives her a 'slight' resistance to magic, but not by much. Aside from this 'other visage', Veruca has the agility, strength, and speed slightly higher than a trained olympian woman in her weight class.


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