Daniel Sharman
Daniel Sharman as Victor Delano
Name: Victor Delano
Birthdate: 02/14/1946
Faction: Contingency Plan
Codename: Serendipity
Position: Student/Handyman
Hometown: New York City
Partner(s): Kellan Miller Height: 5'10"
Father: REDACTED Weight: 180 lbs
Mother: REDACTED Hair Color: Light Brown
Siblings: REDACTED Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA


Victor 'Vic' Delano's dad was a WWII vet who left his wife for a younger woman. His mother was a drunk who lost custody of him after too many instances of neglect. They both died during Vic's childhood. He was bounced from foster home to foster home, and what he learned about life, he learned from the streets of New York City.

Once he turned eighteen, Vic was bounced to the streets with nothing but the clothes on his back. He got by on petty crime, and he spent some time in juvie. After spending some time in Sing Sing, Vic hated it enough he was determined to change his ways.

He never got the chance. On the last day of his sentence, he was attacked in the shower and received a brain injury that left him in a persistent vegetative state. He was transferred to a care facility. He wasn't expected to recover.

Then there was an incident. Long story short, Strange and Wanda were attempting to contain a newly birthed consciousness made of pure energy, whose potential power made it dangerous to Earth. It slipped their noose but didn't escape the spell entirely. Compelled by magic, the consciousness darted into the nearest available vessel, which happened to be Vic. From an outside perspective, he made a miraculous recovery, and he was released from the facility.

The entity, who thinks of itself as Serendipity, has the memories imprinted on Victor's brain, though it only feels like he knows it, not that he actually lived it. Being human is a fascinating thing to Serendipity. He likes it, and being bound in flesh has curbed his potential dangerousness substantially. He's content to live his life as an enhanced human rather than a supernatural powder keg. Crisis averted.

IC Events

  • Is brought into being by Dr. Strange and Wanda Maximoff, a mote of energy with disastrously powerful potential.
  • Finds a brain dead body and occupies it, choosing to be human instead of a cosmic power. The body belonged to Dr. Strange's first cousin, once removed, named Victor Delano.
  • Meets Kellan Miller. They get on like a house on fire.
  • Moves in with Kellan and his twin Kaleb. The household is later joined by Jay Guthrie.
  • Joins Contingency Plan to help fight crime and make New York safer.
  • Helps Kaleb Miller and Magneto to free captured mutants.
  • Gets into Professor Xavier's school, where his favorite subject is History.
  • Hit by a truck and killed. He comes back to life after a painful ordeal and realizes he's effectively immortal.
  • Studies Tai Chi and other martial arts at his father's recommendation and tutelage in order to be more effective in combat and to become more centered.


  • Healing Factor: Vic heals very quickly, repairing most damage to his body within minutes. Super severe injuries might take hours or days.
  • Effectively Immortal: Vic can be killed, but that doesn't stop his healing factor from making him whole again, and he comes back to life. Depending on how badly his body is damaged, the process can take hours or days.
  • Telekinesis: Vic can move things with his mind. He's restricted by a weight limit of what he can lift, and he can move it at a speed at what he can physically throw.
  • Pure Energy: Vic is a being of pure energy. He can imbue it in others by touch, meaning he can ease someone of their fatigue an speed up their healing (to about half what it would normally be). He can also absorb energy from others, draining them until they pass out from fatigue. He can't kill with this power, but he can disable an opponent. He can also burn out light bulbs and temporarily short-circuit electronics.
  • Supernatural Strength: Vic can lift and throw upwards of two tons.
  • Supernatural Speed and Agility: Vic can run about one hundred miles per hour, and his normal day to day agility is reflected in his speed. Not only is he quick, he's got the nimbleness of an acrobat and can move through urban terrain like an expert in parkour. Only fast.
  • Enhanced Metabolism: Due to his healing factor, Vic's body processes toxins often before they can do much damage, making him immune to most poisons.



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