Anna Karina
Anna Karina as Violet Sabre
Name: Violet Sabre
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: X-Men, Secret Intelligence Service (not publicly known)
Codename: Savage
Position: Student, MI-6 Secret Superweapon
Hometown: London, England
Partner(s): Single Height: 5'7"
Father: Col. Flint Sabre (adopted) Weight: 120 lbs.
Mother: Babette Sabre (adopted) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: Garf the dog


So, in case you weren't aware, at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Nazis experimented on pregnant women for a variety of reasons. One of these women gave birth a week before the liberation of the camp. It is not known whether she died in childbirth, or afterward. The baby girl survived.

The baby girl was adopted by one of the British soldiers who helped to liberate the camp. She was brought home (home being London) and named Violet. Her life was fairly normal.

When Violet underwent puberty, her mutant powers manifested themselves. Unable to control them at first, she could not turn off telepathic contact with her parents. Due to the strange side effects of her powers, this made their heads explode. Whoops!

The incident was covered up by the Secret Intelligence Service, AKA MI-6, who took a far more keen interest in paranormal moments such as this than the public is generally aware of. Violet was made a project of theirs, code-named 'SAVAGE' in official documents. Her powers were honed and developed, and she was used to make telepathic contact with Soviet agents in order to assassinate them from afar, either by shutting down their brains or outright exploding their heads.

At the same time, Violet was adopted by her handler, Col. Flint Sabre, with the cover story being that she was the orphaned child of his wife's cousins. Flint recognized that Violet was more than a weapon, and wanted her to be able to live a normal life. After gaining MI-6 approval to send Violet abroad to help develop her powers, Flint used an old military connection to get her a place in Charles Xavier's school.

That brings us to October 1963.

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  • TELENUKE: Violet is a mutant with the power of telepathy. Her specific variety of telepathy is a mutation of a mutation, though. Her presence in the minds of others is an actively destructive element. She can read the thoughts of others, but the longer she spends in there, the more their brain will begin 'backfiring' and important systems will begin failing. If Violet makes contact for a second or so, the subject will suffer a disorienting 'brain fart' sort of episode — becoming confused or stunned in the middle of whatever they're doing, but quickly able to shake it off. Long connections can result in permanent brain damage, and with effort and concentration, Violet can push it so far that the subject's head will literally explode.
  • Typically, Violet's telepathy is capable of operating within her range of unassisted perception — i.e. a target she can see, hear, or otherwise register the presence of without outside aid. For her missions attacking Soviet agents, MI-6 used experimental machinery to boost her signal range from England to as far as Russia, but she can't accomplish this under her own power.
  • Those with significant telepathic defenses, particularly individuals with telepathic powers of their own, will obviously be less susceptible to the debilitating effects of Violet's powers. N.B. that the destructive element of her power is only 'outgoing' — that is, if someone else was to read her mind, they would not be at risk, but if she was to project herself outward towards THEM, it would be dangerous.
  • This is covered in greater detail in the Flaws section, but at the moment, Violet has a post-hypnotic block in her mind designed to prevent her from using her powers without proper supervision. While low-level usage of her power (i.e. the "brain fart" effect described earlier in this section) often eludes the block, this is not 100% reliable, and in times of stress (such as on a hectic battlefield), she may find herself unable to focus her powers in any way whatsoever.



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