{$actor} as Von
Name: Von
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: None
Codename: None
Position: Sports Reporter
Hometown: Boulder
Partner(s): NA Height: 5' 8"
Father: NA Weight: 174
Mother: NA Hair Color: Light Brown
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Brown
Children: NA


Von was born to a couple who had basically gotten tired of life in the growing suburbs and fled. His father, Bren was a second generation American and seemed to despise most of his family because of it, except his brother who was much older and had gone to live in Colorado after a large family dispute. So that's were Bren and Abby ran away to. Abby gave birth about a year later to Von, who Mordent (Von's uncle) fell in love with and spent a lot of time with him, lucky as his father was drafted and Abby slowly fell in love with Mordent as he was around due to him dodging the drafts. Years go by and they eventually learn Bren was killed early on, the news breaks Abby and she leaves the house and never returns, leaving Von with Mordent. Mordent grows hateful at the world and begins to seclude himself from everything and everyone until one day he invites Von to a room with an old leather book. The pages are all different sizes, inks, hand writing, and ages. This was where Von learned he's from a line of mages who have made this tome of information on where mystic artifacts may reside. Mordent then started to teach Von a spell. The next morning, Von went to find Mordent to learn more but the man and the book were gone. All that was left was a will in Mordent's hand, saying everything was his but he'd have to find Mordent for the book, his final inheritance. Years go by and Von is still searching for the book, and that's what brought him to New York, a stable job that would help him travel, and maybe, just maybe he can find a teacher to help.

IC Events

  • Magic: Von is magically adept, and therefore he is able to use magic, and see others use it as well. Being a novice, Von has to use all kinds of focus to actually use the spell he knows or may learn. This includes a verbal phrase and the foci of his hands will make any spell easier to achieve. But at his skill, they are required.
  • Babel Fish: Currently, the only spell Von knows, is a spell that can grant him wisdom to read all written words and understand all languages. The spell will last as long as his concentration on the spell is unbroken or for about ten minutes. It's kind of a catch all, any words spoken to him or any written words he can see are made clear to him during this time. They must be within ear shot as any spoken word would be, and they must be with in eye sight and at a legible distance.


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