Scarlet Witch
Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev as Wanda Maximoff
Name: Wanda Maximoff
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Mystics / SHIELD
Codename: Scarlet Witch
Position: Sorceress
Hometown: Mount Wundagore, Transia
Partner(s): Stephen Strange Height: 5'9"
Father: Erik Lensherr Weight: 120 lbs.
Mother: Marya? Natalya? Chthon? Hair Color: Reddish brown
Siblings: Pietro, Lorna Eye Color: Honey-brown (red)
Children: Billy, Tommy, Vic, don't ask…


Once upon a time, a handsome man and a clever young woman fell in love.

Magic doesn't come without a cost. Life does not come without a price, often paid in blood, tears, and sweat. The Maximoff twins bear proof to these sorcerers' maxims.

They were conceived by the darkest rituals and born under fell circumstances on the slopes of Mount Wundagore. Younger by thirteen minutes, Wanda's entry to the world ushered her mother into death. Perhaps that was for the better; an Elder god, Chthon, chose the newborn for a purpose yet unrevealed. God-marked, she became a prize pawn and test subject for Chthon's mortal cult while the Second World War raged across Europe. The cult's second-in-command grew disillusioned with the main priest and defected, taking the twins with him on a decade-long flight through fallen eastern nations and smoking battlefields.

Wanda is the child of countless revolutions. The Forest Brothers in the Baltic States. The Poznan students in Poland. The bloody uprising in Budapest, Hungary of 1956. Tibet's revolt against China in 1958. Berlin in 1961 behind the rising wall. Conflagrations are her birthright, violence and upheaval her childhood playmates.

Where other children learn to play with dolls, she learned how to navigate the woods without food or water. Her adoptive father's lessons were vicious and brutal, focused upon her survival at the expense of trust. At the age girls sing skipping songs, she chanted incantations. Her magical abilities manifested strong and early, forcing the family to seek tutelage to control her sorcerous gifts. Yaga, her mentor, used teaching methods no kinder than the canny, violent man she called Father.

Dark, dread forces allied against the Maximoff twins flushed them from every bolthole, depriving them of shelter, security, and eventually every line of defense except wits and natural or augmented gifts. Wanda lost her adoptive father in 1956, and her mentor — an ancient, powerful sorceress — by 1960, in the pursuit of secrets buried in snow-swept monasteries and hidden Nazi archives.

The Berlin Wall trapped Wanda and Pietro in Germany for nearly two years as they ruthlessly pursued the truth of their existence from surviving officers and Communist bureaucrats. But eventually threats closed in on them, and Chthon came calling in America. Sometimes you can't outrun the past. They bolted with the assistance of a SHIELD agent and reached New York by way of several intervening stops, penniless, nameless, and hunting ghosts.

A month later, the infernal portal was closed, Morgan Le Fay lay dead under a starry sky, and Wanda Maximoff harboured a horrific secret.

In the year since, she assumed the role of the Mistress of the Sanctum and the unquestioned grumpy shadow to Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme.

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