Dust Devil
Eriko Hatsune
Eriko Hatsune as Windy Chansarain
Name: Windy Chansarain
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: none
Codename: Dust Devil
Position: Student at NYU
Hometown: Okinawa prefecture of Japan
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'4"
Father: Cpt. Timothy Chansarain Weight: 110lbs
Mother: Asahi Chansarain Hair Color: black
Siblings: none Eye Color: dark brown
Children: none


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Note - Windy is a Japanese Yokai known as a Kamaitachi . Her power structure is wind and speed based.

Wind Summoning & Control:

  • Windy can call strong winds to her hand with limited struggle, with wind speeds cresting around 50 mph. It can be manipulated so that it spins up existing debris, which can then be used as broad-flung attacks.


  • Windy can step up and into a light breeze, and have the force underneath her feet bolster her into flight. She has human restrictions on height due to oxygen availability and cold.

Super Speed:

  • Windy is fast. On the ground, she has faster speed and reflexes than most individuals but is still within the higher end of human capabilities. Once in the air, she can command speeds limited only by her flesh and blood. If within an armor or protective suit, she could reach speeds of 300 mphs (A little less than the speed of sound).

Sickle Claws:

  • Windy has the ability to extend from her nailbeds a set of long, black talons that merge to form a sickle. They are razor sharp and wielded in close quarter fighting as one would an exotic weapon, slashing and blocking in combat. They are resilient enough to block a bullet or blade, but shatter underneath extreme impact. It takes about a day for her to regenerate them. When she cuts through skin, they may leave injury but there is no sensation of pain. The wounds take an excessively long time to heal and are prone to infection unless a burned map is mixed into the poultice, as per the mythology surrounding the Kamaitachi.

Enhanced Healing:

  • While appearing to be waifish and delicate, Windy can actually take quite a beating. Abrasions and small cuts heal within minutes of occurring, deeper tissue damage requiring a few days, and broken bones about a week.

Enhanced Resistance to Psychic Attack:

  • Due to her martial arts training, Windy has a higher awareness of self and body than the average person and can detect and block out low level intrusions into her mind. Her resistance to mind control is dependent on focus and awareness, and can be overwhelmed by a powerful user (e.g. Emma Frost, Kilgrave).


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