Nicholas Hoult
Nicholas Hoult as Kevin Ford
Name: Kevin Ford
Birthdate: 11/28/1945
Faction: X-Men/New Mutants
Codename: Wither
Position: Scrap Artist
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Partner(s): None Height: 5'8"
Father: Trevor (deceased) Weight: 130#
Mother: Angela (deceased) Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Kevin Ford grew up an average kid in the city of Atlanta, GA. His mother died in a car accident when he was 12. After losing his mother he had an ill relationship with death and letting things go. When his power manifested later it was slow at first leaving him feeling unwell, and then started to kill his garden through casual contact. When his powers completely manifested and disintegrated the clothes from his back it was terrifying and painful feeling his body bond with entropy. His father tried to console him but in giving his son simply a hug was reduced to a husk in a matter of seconds. Naked and terrified he fled and hid in an abandoned warehouse. He never went back home again. Through some miracle of providence someone from the Institute was alerted to his abilities manifesting and eventually coaxed him out and brought him to the school in New York where he's been struggling at beginning a new life and finding his place in a living world.

IC Events


  • Decayed Sight: Kevin sees the world in a state of constant entropy and decay, though he can concentrate to try to look past it in the way one might stare at either the squares on a screen or see past to the outside. While this is generally horrifying and causes him some emotional stress and does nothing for his depression it aids him in seeing weakness in structures, and help in a mildly diagnostic ability. In this way he can see something's true age by its rate of entropy; identifying if something is authentic or a forgery this way, how far something might be into its half life, if the milk is still good or if it has gone funny, etc. While undead show up in neon in this way Spirit beings, energy forms, and immortals can be very tricky for him to pin down alerting him to identify something as 'out of the ordinary'.
  • Immunity to Illness: Kevin's Organic Decay protects him from parasites, viruses, bacteria, infections, etc. Disease has no effect on him. Anything chemically inorganic in nature (smoke inhalation, chemical gasses, etc) will affect him as normal.
  • Organic Decay: Skin to surface contact will immediately start breaking down compounds in organic matter in only seconds and desiccate an entire grown human in under a minute. Needless to say this is exceptionally painful even to those with a healing factor. This is not a voluntary alpha-level power Kevin can turn on and off. With continued contact he can turn nearly anyone or anything to dust and ash. This is true for all organic compounds: paper, wood, plants, people, animals, bio-weaponry, cultures, etc. Persons who can turn to metal, stone, similar will not be affected by this ability. If something is a mixed medium (like a pencil) the wood, for instance, would rot leaving the graphite and metal. This is non-transferable in a sense anyone touching something affected would not be affected and would still need to be touched directly. This restricts him to the use of synthetic clothing which, with gloves, could form a safe barrier between he and the organic world.



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