Wrecking Crew
Cobb/Tergesen/Gugeliemi/White as Wrecking Crew
Name: Wrecking Crew
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Criminal
Codename: The Wrecking Crew
Position: Crime Kings
Hometown: Varies
Partner(s): NA Height: Varies
Father: NA Weight: Varies
Mother: NA Hair Color: Varies
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Varies
Children: NA



Dirk Garthwaite is the son of a violent, abusive father and a passive-aggressive, narcissistic mother. A one-time labourer, he grew resentful at his lot in life — building homes for the wealthy where he would never be welcome. He began returning to places he had helped build to rob and destroy them in order to relieve his obsessive hatred of the well-to-do. As his crime wave built, he was fired from his job for his erratic, violent behavior. This only gave him time to focus on his criminal work.

Following a lead, he broke into the warehouse of one Louis King and, while there, donned a golden helm meant only for Loki himself. The enchantment on it, a gift from the sorceress Karnilla, was unleashed on Dirk. He entered into a period of madness when, at his full strength, he rampaged through the city. Overwhelmed by the unfettered magic, he collapsed and his powers were absorbed into his crowbar. Dirk was caught and sentenced to prison — his crowbar was entered into evidence and forgotten by everyone but Dirk.

STATS: 6'3" | 320# | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Blue

Actor: Randall "Tex" Cobb

IC Events



  • ENCHANTED CROWBAR: Because Dirk was holding the crowbar when Karnilla's enchantment came over him, he has a special relationship with it. He can store all of his power in the crowbar, telepathically control anyone holding the crowbar, and envelop that person with an enchanted aura that prevents most damage to them. He can use the crowbar to distribute his power to others using a ritual that requires a lightning strike to the crowbar. The crowbar can also be used to locate all members of the Wrecking Crew.


  • KARNILLA'S GIFT: The Crew shares their powers with the other three members. As members are extinguished, the remaining powers increase— until finally one is four times as powerful.
    • Physique: Lift 10 tons, fully exert themselves for six hours without fatigue, shrug off bullets, walk off a five-story fall or a hit from a car, and sprint up to 60 miles per hour.



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