Black Widow
Daniela Bianchi
Daniela Bianchi as Yelena Belova
Name: Yelena Belova
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Black Widow
Position: Agent, Red Room / Black Widow
Hometown: Hometown
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'7"
Father: NA Weight: 135 lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA


Yelena has little background to speak of. She was taken from her family when she was three years of age, something she is determined to forget. She claims that she was born when she came to the Red Room, born walking and talking and ready to fight. Her training was first in line with that of other athletes destined for the Olympics but she received secondary psychological priming to prepare her for the shift into full-time training as a weapon.

The Red Room has always been proud of Yelena. Some even fear her ferocious dedication and her willingness to manipulate and kill in order to succeed. Yelena has been going on solo assignments since she was twelve years old, her first assassination took place under the watch of one of her tutors when she was only seven — she used a sniper rifle to kill a Russian official who witnessed one clandestine exchange too many. Yelena will be activated at any time, for simple extractions to complex assassinations — whenever her mother wants the job completed by her most devoted daughter.

IC Events


  • RED GIFT: The Red Room program has gifted Yelena with body that resists damage and heals quickly. She is not bulletproof and a fall from high enough will kill her, but she is far more resilient than a normal human. She is also immune to most disease and ages very slowly.
  • RELENTLESS TRAINING: Yelena has been subjected to relentless training since her childhood. This, combined with the serum has made her physically exceptional: agile, dexterous, and capable of maintaining peak performance for hours. The training and the serum together have made her single-minded, able to focus through excruciating pain and even to the point of death.



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