Cerise Widow
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron as Yevheniya Zinaida Yusupova
Name: Yevheniya Zinaida Yusupova
Birthdate: 11/27/1935
Faction: Team KGB
Codename: Cerise Widow
Position: Black Widow
Hometown: Moscow, U.S.S.R.
Partner(s): None Height: 5'11"
Father: Felix Yusupov Weight: 145 lbs.
Mother: Tatiana Fyodorovna Hair Color: Blue
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blonde
Children: Nope


That just depends on whom you believe. Zhenya is everyone. Zhenya is no one. Zhenya probably doesn't even exist as herself in any capacity, and that's just the way the KGB prefers it be.


  • Adriana, overly excitable trophy wife lunging headlong into everything. Obsessed by silver screen starlets and strongly disapproving of 'working girls' or short skirts. Hypocrite, looks great in short skirts.
  • Audrey, nurse at Mercy Hospital. Overworked, always a good word for everyone. Calm and competent.
  • Bianca, West German with the accent and punctuality to match.
  • Cynthia: Travel agent with dreams of seeing the world and being a stewardess on Pan-Am. Loaths golf and Myrtle Beach, probably from Virginia.
  • Demelza, Cornish spitfire with a crazy typespeed and hates her job in the typing pool. Anxious, easily draws conclusions, tomboy.
  • Evelyn, daughter of a diplomat. Do not ask which one. Knows the rules and ins and outs of many foreign cultures. Quietly condescending.
  • Florence: Wildchld with aspirations to be an artistic muse. Actual work is unclear. Professional mooch through 'inspiring' many. Many people. Probably half-Native American.
  • Ginny (Virginia), please never Virginia. Librarian associate who can't really hold her alcohol. Meanest Scrabble player ever. Hates her roommates.
  • Helena, works at a bank, position suitably neutral to indicate she's much more important than she lets on. Cold and unreachable.
  • Imogen, switchboard operator. Kid of a war bride and accountant. Office girl all the way around, knows numbers and tech like nothing.
  • Joan
  • Kathleen, native of Suffolk County, embarrassed by family wealth. Paralegal for a very successful law office. Diffident and organized.
  • Keeleigh: Mechanic, car thief, general fix-it girl. Curt, short statements, and obsessed with music. Frequently a getaway driver.
  • Lorraine, the girl you absolutely never mess with. English. Very probably in the intelligence community. Unimpressed by just about everything as the usual veneer. Inverse James Bond.
  • Madelyn, Queens girl next door. Model, but not really, not really sure about her future. All about getting along, a few quick quips on the side. Probably not old enough to drink.
  • Nora, perfumer of English extraction. Values class and discretion. Part time employment at Macy's in the cosmetics department. Sensitive, cultured, compassionate, and articulate.
  • Olivia, romance author who hides it. Writes a column under a pseudonym for the Bulletin and ladies' magazine. Has jaded view of actual romance.
  • Paloma, Spanish immigrant dancer 'kind of famous' in her home country. Had a stint in Cuba. Bad English.
  • Quinn, fully Sibylla Quinn. Record store employee with an attitude and lyrical knowledge of everything rock.
  • Regina, Danish yachtswoman in the mould of Amelia Earhart and other daredevil aviatrices.
  • Sophia, Italian bombshell who likes convertibles, cigarettes, and not paying the bills on time. Chronically disorganized with money. Clearly has a lot of it. Heiress of some kind.
  • Tabby, thief in Hell's Kitchen. Someone has a serious debt with her.
  • Trudi, NYU grad in theatre, dreams of being an actress. Bit parts in forgettable revues. Haunts SoHo, works 10 different day jobs.
  • Unity, Pennsylvanian waitress escaping her religious upbringing. Obsessed with tennis.
  • Vanessa
  • Willow, born and raised in Chicago. Craves the outdoors, usually found in parks.
  • Xandra, Dutch designer of jewelry. Closet oil painter and sketch artist.
  • Yael, middle child of a large Armenian emigre family. Striving against cultural opposition to study medicine.
  • Zella, folk artist from California trying to get her big break. Consummate artist, likes flowers, t-shirts, and being cool.


  • Super Soldier: A graduate of the Red Room, Zhenya received the Soviet version of super-soldier serums. The enhancements to her body elevated her to peak human condition. Her accelerated healing factor allows her to slough off damage in a fraction the time, burn through toxins and drugs, and take a beating. Falls that should kill her inflict pain and less damage. She can fight on long after fellow agents have all but dropped unconscious from blood loss, pain, and fatigue. The Red Room in particular focused on developing Zhenya as a hyper-flexible, agile fighter able to use her environment effectively. Minor modifications in surgery combined with her training regimens and the serum enhanced her dexterity and agility to surpass the finest Olympians and prima ballerinas. She can run close to 30 mph for extended periods and lift upwards of 500 lbs.
  • Sensory Awareness: Zhenya has shocking reaction times as part of her heightened senses. Her sight and hearing are considerably improved over humans, and she can pick out minute details. Her mental processing gives her hair trigger senses that would make any iaido master proud.
  • Psychic Weaponry: Zhenya channels energy into psionic weapons. These constructs can vary in size, length, and intensity but presently are limited to melee. She favours knives, daggers, swords, and even claws. They dissipate instantly when removed from her. A psionic weapon inflicts damage, and can cause actual pain, stunning a target up to completely overwhelming their nervous system with agony. Focusing enough for an incapacitating strike drains Zhenya, and forces her to reform her weapon. She risks mental fatigue with overuse and cannot maintain psychic cohesion for long if exhausted. Her psionic weapons can pierce armour when properly concentrated. Their physical form allows her to deflect or interact with physical objects. As a psychic ability, she may shatter minor to moderate mental defenses with precision, pinpoint strikes. Her psi-weaponry works against ephemeral-state targets, like astral ghosts, if she can perceive them. Concentration is necessary to manifest a weapon, but dismissing them is effortless.


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