1063-07-31 - Dazzler: A Prismatic Debut
Summary: An article in the Daily Bugle covering Dazzler's debut performance at Cafe Wha?
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Bugle - Art & Music Section

Last night, 7/31/1963, marked the debut performance of Dazzler at the famous Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village, NYC.

This young lady is quite unlike anything you ever heard before, some would call her music thought provoking and deep, other criticized it for being improper and potentially satanic. But the same was said of Elvis when he started.

One aspect of this young lady's performance that cannot be taken away from her, is that true to her name, she dazzled. An ensemble of music and elaborate light show that seemed to respond to the music, her show is like a visualization of the oft written about effects of LSD.

This reporter had the pleasure to interview her after the show, she was quite polite and proper. When asked how she managed to create such a extraordinaire light show, she explained it was technological elements of her lighting setup on stage, and a play off the mirrored pieces woven into her dress.

It sounds a bit far fetched, but in a world filled with the marvels of Stark Industries and the creation of the famous innovator Mr. Stark, anything is possible.

-Walter Brinkley

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