1963-07-27 - A Dream of Things to Come

Harlem - New York City

Among the masses of stunned or unconscious bodies is one Dani, Danielle Moonstar. She lays there, silent, with only her eyes moving slightly beneath her lids to show that she still lives.

- The Spirit World -

Within her dream, Danielle sits up. She's in the wilderness now and snow falls heavily around her. From this, the Cheyenne can't help but frown at the oddity of her surroundings. After all, wasn't she just in the City?

"Where am I?" She asks, her voice echoing slightly and when she looks down at her hands she'll see her bow and one arrow already clutched within them. As soon as her dark brown eyes register the weaponry in her hands, Dani suddenly feels an itch between her shoulder blades - someone or rather something is watching her.

A malevolent presence. One that breathes fear in the air. It's enough that the more animalistic part of Dani's brain says: PREDATOR! RUN! FLEE! HIDE!

But Dani doesn't flee.

A fine tremor begins in her hands, that movement of hers the only sign that the Cheyenne is feeling anything at this point. It's with this movement that Dani finally snaps out of her frozen stupor.


Comes her first shout, the word echoing away from her and then back again. "I am not afraid! I will not run!"

And with that last bit said, Dani will raise her bow upward, arrow knocked within her bowstring. "Come and face me!" She shouts, her challenge echoing to that hidden presence so near her.

And from that challenge, the snow suddenly shifts, erupting all around her. A form, furry and brown, rises upward before her. The monster, for that's what it is, may look like a bear, but its height and its eyes clearly tell Dani that it's anything but.

There's too much hatred, too much death in those yellow eyes of its and far too much intelligence.

And she knows this Bear.

This Demon Bear.

It has been something that has stalked her dreams when she was younger. "No." Whispers Dani, her brown eyes widening in horror, "I thought you were gone." Continues the Cheyenne, her voice filled with disbelief and fear.

And even though she's scared, terribly scared, that doesn't stop the young woman from pull the arrow back and letting it fly. "No matter!" She yells, "You will die this day!"

When the arrow is loosed, the bear will likewise spring into action, as its long sickle like claws are stabbed towards Dani, and while she could easily have run, or tried to dodge, she doesn't.

Instead she stands there, waiting - waiting for death to come get her, knowing it won't be much longer now.

"Mama. Papa. I'm so sorry." She says and just like that the world shifts.

Harlem - New York City

Among the insensate bodies one stars. A Cheyenne with hair the color of the crow bolts upward with a loud gasp, her hand automatically going to her chest, searching for a wound that's not there.

"What?" She says, confusion evident in her voice. "Where am I?"

And then what happened in the real world suddenly comes back and Dani can't help but look around herself.

A few minutes later, the Cheyenne is wobbling to her feet and within another few minutes, she's trying to help those around her.

Eventually she'll make it back to the Mansion, but for now, Dani tries to help, even as she tries to blot out that dream but even as she does that, a faint sound of rolling thunder echoes across the sky.

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