1963-07-30 - Muspelheim's Minions
Summary: Amora tries to fight off Surtur's minions and fails. She goes missing. (Aka Why I'm gone for two weeks)
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Theme Song: Song of Myself- Nightwish (Instrumental)

An explosion of fire ripped open the penthouse apartment. Shards of glass, stone and bits of metal rained down on the population of 5th Avenue, sending pedestrians running for their lives and screaming.

A boom followed, and a light show of magical energies lit up the sky above. Green beams blasted through fiery spells and decimated nearby buildings as it missed its mark. Demonic screaming followed and a woman’s form went flying from the top story to land on the traffic congested street below.

Amora groaned, her form laying there on a flattened roof of a car. Her arms splayed out before her at an awkward angle proved at least one was broken in multiple places. Her blonde hair hung in her face, tinged with ashes and pieces that had curled from the heat of the blasts she’d taken. Pain blazed up her side as she struggled to sit up.

Her magic was all but spent, she had not expected Surtur’s minions to return before the demanded Fortnight. Much less actually come for her in her human guise. They had blasted through the wards. A coordinated attack..

She had thought she would be enough to fight them off. That she was strong enough. She would protect Thor for once and drag those savage beasts to him at his feet.. But she had not. Her magic had failed her. One too many a spell running in her mortal form. Her powers already halved by Odin’s orders…

A crunch, a scream of steel and another car was sent careening over head as the demonic minion landed on the street near her. She sat up, casting a minor spell to numb the terrible pain that was pounding in her head. She didn’t dare try to heal the damage, she didn’t have enough magic. Enough focus.. Or time.. She..

A blast of fire knocked into her shield, melting nearby cars and slamming into her shield with such force that she was knocked back off the car. She rolled to her feet, glaring as she used her one good arm to summon up a flickering ball of energy.

Her shield flickered and died, the fire’s blast coming her way as she slammed the fist full of magic at her attacker with all she had left. She knew any attempts to teleport away would be in vain. The beasts would track her..

The energy was knocked aside and she was sent tumbling back, slamming into the bricks of the building on the opposite side of the street. She sagged, spent and feeling her consciousness fading.

A faint call for help was the last thing she remembered before blackness took over her, and she knew no more.

Fire trucks sped down the streets to 5th avenue, ambulances on their heels and reports following soon after. A report on possible mutant attacks would soon follow. With close ups of the destruction of the entire top half of a previously rather affluent apartment building.

The list of the victims would be published within the hour. Several dead. Many more in the hospital with critical injuries. Among the missing would appear the name Helen Eve. !

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