1963-09-21 - Endurance Test
Summary: Being in prison really kinda sucks. More so if you're branded as a mutant.
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This is exactly the sort of thing the Project had trained her for. Sooner or later everyone's luck runs out, and when her time was up? Domino would be all on her own. This isn't the same as being caught in Siberia or Germany, however.

This is the NYPD.

And they've been getting nothing.

Since the arrest they've been all too happy to label her as one of the mutant terrorists, pushing her with interrogation, sleep deprivation, awful living conditions inside of a tiny metal box of a room. Their methods have been physical, psychological, and frequent.

Their investigation had branched out. This mutant had no records. No ID. No history. No known aliases. She became 'Jane White' for their own records.

And she's given. Them. Nothing.

The bruises and cuts would heal. Her pride is used to being trampled upon. One way or another she won't be kept here for long. At the rate things have been going she may well out-pace her interrogators. Since they had brought her in there have been some most peculiar freak accidents…

O'Mally broke his hip when he fell down a flight of stairs.

Peterson and Fredericks were both taken to the hospital due to food poisoning.

DeWalt broke two of his fingers in a cell door.

Henderson lost his sidearm.

Davis was struck by a car in the parking lot.

Rumors quickly spread. Just as quickly she became known as the 'White Witch' amongst their peers, with the latter substituted for something more degrading when spoken away from superiors. It was as if a curse had befallen them all, which only made them more angry.

And still she Gave..Them..Nothing.

Their efforts were not entirely useless. Being stuck within a cell was an unfriendly reminder of the life she had come from, and had run far away from. Isolation was only interrupted by shouting and violence, then it was right back into the box she went. As time rolled on she became more restless, endlessly pacing and testing her physical boundaries for signs of weakness.

The Project couldn't hold her. There's no way these amateurs are going to hold her. She will find a way out of here…

And then she will give them everything.

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