1963-09-29 - Weapon: Exposed
Summary: The Four-Part Expose of the Weapon X Program as gleaned from files on their New Orleans project
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Reproduced with permission, and following our own fact checks, a four-part series from the Sydney Morning Bulletin on horror, corruption, and eugenics in America. All names changed to protect the innocent.


"Susan is twenty-one, with her life ahead of her. She labours under the burden of her mutation but her family loves her and she has the support of her friends — she could be anyone's child. Life seems bearable until, one day, she is snatched from it and wakes in a private hell somewhere in Louisiana, on the east coast of the United States of America."

The article goes on to profile more than half a dozen people — young and old, male and female, from many races — and their abduction, imprisonment, and torment as subjects of experimentation. Often, those abducted were activists arrested for fighting for their rights only to be deprived of everything. They are held captive in a secret laboratory, subjected to tests that provoke and explore their mutations. Their blood and bodies are sampled, their rights denied. Some meet their end without ever knowing why.


"With the shadow of World War Two still darkening the human consciousness around the world, the Americans have carved a path back into the dark places of the past instead of looking to a bright future. They have, with or without the approval of their government, developed a program that can only be described as eugenics."

This intellectually-challenging article is an explainer of a chilling program designed to understand and manipulate the mysterious mutations that plague a small subsection of humanity. The facts as laid out include in vitro development of human life, fetuses-then-children manufactured for use as weapons, and the exploitation of the potential in existing persons with mutations. The probability of multiple sites of development and the complicity of the American Government is addressed.


"From the inhumane "Weapon X" program, children — born innocent but not left innocent — have been produced. To protect them, wherever and whoever they may be, the specifics of their appearances and abilities have not been detailed here. Some who have escaped might yet find normal lives hidden somewhere in the great wash of humanity that comprises the American populace."

A terrifying but not sensational article on the child-soldiers forged in this program. The focus is not merely on their military potential but on their status as human beings denied their basic rights. The hypocrisy of the American political machine is highlighted, given their handling of persons with mutations.


"The Geneva Conventions are intended to encompass and mitigate the horrors of war. Even the authors of those documents, students of the inhumanity of the human race, did not predict nor attempt to prevent not simply the use of human weapons but their development. It seems that the Government of the United States of America has already crossed the Rubicon — the world has simply not seen it yet."

The potential impact of such a program on future warfare and global stability, the impact on the rights of persons with mutations, and the possibility that other governments are also exploring this path are all addressed. The implications are alarming, that normal-looking friends and neighbors might not simply have mutations but might also be controlled by a secretive, immoral, inhumane government agency that could put them to any use they desire.

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