1963-11-26 - Soviet Officer assigned to ACT-F arrives in US
Summary: Kapitan Laynia Petrovna of the Soviet Army is assigned by the USSR to the conjoined ACT-F taskforce, is greeted by reporters upon arrival in New York International Airport.
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In another step of cooperation between the USA and the USSR, following the "hotline" agreement signed in Geneva earlier this year, where each super power agreed to support one another in a time of crisis, a joint taskforce — ACT-F — has been formed to deal with alien threats.

An oddity that follows as a result, is today's arrival in the United States of Captain Laynia Petrovna of the Soviet Army, reporting to her new assignment in the ACT-F taskforce.

This marks the first time a Soviet Officer will be tasked with protection of American lives along with Soviet lives. Critics of the assignment suggested the Soviets sent a woman to show they are not serious about the taskforce, while supporters of the joint venture pointed out that while a woman, Captain Petrovna is a well decorated officer who will be an asset to the taskforce.

Upon arrival, Captain Petrovna shared few words with reporters, showing surprising fluency of English. "Just like Premier Khrushchev sait, we can have peaceful coexistence, our countries do not neet be at war. Ze ACT-F is goot step forward, builtink on 'hotline' agreet earlier zis year. I look forward to serve."

Captain Petrovna refused to answer any questions raising doubt about her qualifications or the capability of a woman to serve in such high stakes.

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