1963-11-29 - Sleight of Hand
Summary: Heather makes a mistake. Heather never makes mistakes.
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Heather has done some downright stupid things in her time. It's kind of a pattern for her. If it comes to her welfare or her loyalty, her loyalty will win out every time. Starting with the time she got pneumonia as a girl because she was sneaking out of the house — through the rain and snow — every night to help Mac with his work, she's always been this way and she's never regretted it.

That's why she shows up at the office with the trunk containing Liv's armor first thing in the morning, well before 9:00am. That's why she checks the armor in and processes each piece the way she would anyone's personal effects and then, of course, places them neatly in a SHIELD case so she can send it to the lab.

She has more on her mind than that, though. Another case stands open on the counter where she's working and it's being packed with requisitioned surveillance and scanning equipment all bound for Turkey. She's rather offended at losing whoever was in that lab, and that's the truth.

Classic Heather. The daily roster, the order forms for catering and coffee, all the shipping manifests, and the orders for analysis on Liv's armor are laid out before her. Heather takes a drink of coffee, bites into a donut, and stares at it all while she refuels. Once she's done dusting donut crumbs off her fingers, she plasters the shipping manifest on one lid and the orders for the lab on the other. Then she remembers that she needed to check money out of petty cash for an agent by 8:00am and goes to do that, filling out that form in triplicate and sending it off with an intern just under the wire.

*THUMP, CLAMP* *THUMP, CLAMP* She bangs the lids onto each case, seals them with red tape, and summons interns to take them to their appropriate destinations. Now, on to other things. The roster needs attention, she has a report on Act-F for Peggy — yes, there are weak places in the organization that could be exploited — and there's an influx of new agents to be considered. It's important that someone else doesn't have the same idea about them. New recruits could be agents of enemies or allies…"allies". That used to mean something. It still does, to Heather.

The plane bound for Turkey will be off the ground as soon as that case is on board, taking Liv's armor overseas and out of reach for now. Fitz and Simmons, whenever they find that other case, will have some of SHIELD's own surveillance equipment to analyze — maybe they'll even upgrade it. And Heather, Heather needs to get herself an appointment with someone over at Asgard's so-called embassy. Today. She's not done yet.

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