1963-12-08 - Denial Ain't Just A River
Summary: Antics of the House of S, as imagined in Wandaland. Note this is not serious, nor did it ever happen. Really.
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Erik: It's not possible, can't be true — DENIAL is not just a river!
Wanda: He's as bad as you are, Pietro.
Pietro: That is not our dad.
Billy: He's my grandpa? Mom, Dad is older—
Strange: Shut up.
Wanda: Totally our dad.
Lorna: He's my dad!
Pietro: I bit my sister?!
Wanda: Wouldn't be the first time.
Billy: Ohmygawdyouguys—wait, will he bite me?
Pietro: *grin*
Lorna: Waaaaaaaah!
Strange: What the hell does your family do?
Wanda: They were long winters, Beloved.
Erik: I can't hear any of you, none of you are related. Crystal—
Yaga: Are you done, or does the cat have to savage you a few times, boy?
Erik: Who are you?
Strange: *gates out*
Mordo: *gates out of dimension*
Merlin: My granddaughter is such a joy! Oh, look, you weirdos, stop fussing. You're clearly all related, denial is the first stage of family bonding! Or was that grieving? It's the same thing!
Tommy: ….at least I didn't hit on Mom's sister.
Billy: Never speak of hitting on Mom again!
Strange, from afar: Stop warping creation!
Pietro: Wait, you what to my sister?!
Erik: My daughter?!
Tommy: It was an accident—
Strange, from another dimension: Not remembering him hitting on his own hot mother—
Billy: Grrrr…..
Pietro: Grrrr…..
Erik: There will be no hitting on my daughter! That daughter! ANY DAUGHTER!
Lorna: *sobs harder*
Wanda: Wait, I already am ma—
Erik: No dating! No hitting on! No nookie! No nothing! Nothing! Nothing!
Crystal: Does that mean us—

OOC: This is not serious, but put here for amusement's sake.

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