1963-12-22 - Winsome Wasp: hero or villain?
Summary: Article about eye witness report, seeing the Winsome Wasp kidnapping a drug addict.
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News Section article: Winsome Wasp - Hero or Villain?

Last night a former Avenger, the Winsome Wasp was spotted doing her bit to clear the streets of those dreaded dealers of Vigor. The drug that gives superpowers to the dregs of society. Causing mayhem everywhere.

However, eye witness report who was on scene, shared a disturbing bit of information. After preventing a lowlife woman from buying that menacing drug, the Wasp didn't proceed to arrest the dealer of Vigor, instead she was knocking the woman out and kidnapping her against her will!

Why does a former Avenger feel she can kidnap civilians on a whim? While the woman may be a drug addict, there's no reason to kidnap her, the proper authorities should be left to deal with dregs! What about the dealer of vigor she didn't arrest? Now more hapless people will fall into vigor's addictive web. We at the Bugle stay vigilant, and inform you the readers, so you're aware that some of these so called superheroes are every bit as dangerous as the criminals they claim to fight.

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