1964-02-16 - Music or Devilry?
Summary: Following the arrival of the Beatles in the USA and the onset of Beatemania in their suit, Dazzler experiences an odd night of fanatical devotion on a Valentine's Day gig. The Bugle suspects devilry hidden in music played for the youth.
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Theme Song: "Top Of The Pops" by The Kinks - https://youtu.be/efdhddjmK8M

Just a little over a week ago, the Beatles arrived in the United States, and proved that Beatlemania can leap across the ocean and take a firm hold in America as well, with a crowd of 3,000 adoring fans greeting them on their arrival. A powerful performance on the Ed Sullivan show saw a record breaking 73 million viewers tune in to watch the Fab Four.

These kinds of phenomenon have been following the Beatles around, but it's a whole new ground for Dazzler, who had never surged in fame beyond her small group of cult following. Largely due to questionable choice in music and a groundbreaking combination of sound and light in her performance. Not everyone is ready for that kind of innovation.

But on Valentine's Day, Dazzler gave a performance in New York that had to be stopped mid-show when hundreds of fans crashed the stage in attempt to reach the singer. She was rushed out from a back door exit by security team, only to then be chased by more adoring fans until she managed to leap into a getaway car much like in crime movies.

Is this evidence that Dazzler is growing and getting a larger fanatical following of her own after the Beatles' success? Or a sure sign that the country's youth is being corrupted by devilry in the guise of music? We used to have morals in this country!

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