1964-03-16 - Arson Rocks Comstock
Summary: The New York Bulletin front page article for March 16, 2017
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The New York Bulletin
Mar 16, 1964

by Clark Kent

During the early hours of the morning, a firebomb was set off in the Comstock Building at 48th and 156th which immediately endangered the lives of multiple residents. Various caped individuals to include Superman were immediately on scene to put out the blaze and rescue the residents but not without loss of life. The building's superintendant was found strangled in the building's first floor and, most likely, died before the fire was set.

During the course of the fire department managing the fire and determining the source of the arson, a mass grave with at least fifteen bodies was discovered in the basement of the building, a confidential source revealed. It is suspected that the fire was set to conceal this and other crimes. The building itself has been sealed as a crime scene as investigators and forensic specialists seek these answers and more. Officials on scene were unable to comment and referred all inquiries to the NYPD public information office.

Thankfully, the lives of the other building residents were saved through quick action and they have since been given temporary housing at an undisclosed location.

As always, if you have any information which might assist police with this investigation, you are asked to come forward. This reporter will maintain your confidentiality.

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