1964-04-10 - Dazzler Appears On Ed Sullivan
Summary: The New York Bulletin covers Dazzler's performance on the Ed Sullivan show.
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Last night New York native, Alison Blaire, better known to her fans as Dazzler, made her debut performance on national tv in the Ed Sullivan show. While it was nowhere near hysterical as the Fab Four's showing, studio audience attested that there's no possible way for tv to convey the colorful wonders they witnessed during Dazzler's performance.

There's more mystique, more ethereal in Dazzler's material than we've grown accustomed to, singing about such abstract actions like painting with light. Albeit truth be told, that is what she's done during her performance.

Dazzler may not be for everyone, but certainly, the experience is one you should attend at least once.

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