1964-07-26 - Op. Report: Da Nang
Summary: Ops. Report to SHIELD personnel.
Related: Project Virgo
Theme Song: None

AGENT: SILL, Alphonse
DOB: 12/19/1929
LOCATION: Hue, S. Vietnam
HANDLER: Coulson
CLASS: Eyes Only
ACCESS: Level 6

DA NANG: OPID 07.52.977-64K1LA0

HUE: OPID 07.26.975-00ALOHI
Agent Sill dispatched to observe alleged extranational activities in N. Vietnam and determine contents of facilities stationed around the city of Hai Phong. Dropped at Laotian border with agents Kim and Amwell on 05 April. Light resistance encountered while infiltrating the country and travelling along the coast. Currently embedded in Quang Yen town.

Sill identified unusual numbers of Caucasians in Quang Yen and coastal towns close to the Chinese border. Officials designate outsiders as "foreign aides" from Argentina. No positive identifications. Activities confined to 3 guarded compounds and 2 warehouses connected by uncomfirmed subterranean tunnels. Evidence of scientific experiments conducted in the warehouses based on intercepted transports at Qui Phong.

Acknowledged evidence of American freighter "Pride of Westchester" brought through port on 07.25.1964. Debris transported in locked cases under heavy guard. Stolen manifest indicates cargo tracked from Euroseas Ltd.

X-REF report OPID 06.18.558-00AL9XI - forwarded documentation in Mandarin cipher and shipping reports, weather reports, and aerial photography southwest of Hainan Island.

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