1964-08-28 - Winter Is Here, and He Is Bucky
Summary: After a Winter Soldier encounter, Black Widow sends her report.
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Theme Song: "Private Investigations" by Dire Straits - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-xG44ExDwM
black-widow bucky 

An encrypted message makes it into the KGB's headquarters in Moscow, one of the first reports of progress in the case of the missing asset: Winter Soldier.

Comrades, Winter Soldier is found.

Location: New York City, NY, USA.

Problem: SHIELD has captured Winter Soldier, brainwashed him, he now believes Winter Soldier is a lie. Currently assumes identity James Barnes, claims to have fought with Captain America for the Americans. Terrible lies.

Mission Status: With Winter Soldier compromised, current objective is investigate SHIELD files, find what they did, how they did, and restore Winter Soldier.

Plan B: On failure to restore Winter Soldier, I will start cleansing operation for revenge. Nobody steals our top agents.

-Chyornaya Vdova

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