1964-09-02 - A Night at the Office
Summary: Gidget gets to work at her office
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It had been a long day and she was about to play catch up on some of her work. Gidget had gone in early today to work and meet with some appointments but she took a long lunch….a three hour lunch. She had decided to spend it at the Fairgrounds and she met yet another….interesting fellow. On her way back, she made a pit stop at home that probably took longer than it should have.

Making her way back to her office, she had a bolt of fabric in tow as she was dropped off at her office by a cab. Awkwardly she would unlock that front door before making her way in, locking up after herself and going into her own personal office/studio. She'd drop that bolt of Milano wool against her desk before taking that purse off and setting it on her desk as well. Taking a deep breath she would slowly walk over to one of those drafting table and rolled out a ream of paper. She seemed to be deep in her work as she looked to that manila folder that was handed to her not long ago. Sighing she would take a breath then looked at the notebook that was on her dest.

"Now….let's get this started….." She'd lick her lips a bit as she grabbed some pencils from that tabled and pulled out those notes of measurements that had been given to ther. "I can at least sketch a design for this one person…..the do the pattern for the other…." A smirk tugged at her lips as she stared at that stack of cash in that envelope but ignored it for now. Brown eyes would look at the paper a head for and then leaned in as she carefully went to work on to projects she was quite ecstatic about….

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