1964-09-20 - Kingtime for Maximus
Summary: Lyrics to be sung to the tune of 'Springtime for Hitler', written by Rogue's player, not myself. I only insisted that we post it.
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Theme Song: Springtime for Hitler
maximus rogue 

Attilan was having issues, what a sad, sad story;
Needed a fresh monarch to elevate it to glory;
Who, oh who is he? Who could that man be?
We asked around and heard no sound
There's no one here to see.
And now it's…

Kingtime for Mad Maximus today,
Attilan is bright and gay!
We're wearing our best face,
Look out, here comes the enslaved race!

Kingtime for Max and Attilan,
Bitter for Black Bolt and men,
Kingtime for Max and Attilan,
Come on, Alphas, show them the game plan.

I got my terrigen, and now I'm ready to transcend,
Don't be slow, be a good sport, come and join Mad Max's court.

Kingtime for Mad Maximus, say!
No more brothers in the way.
The Council kowtowing to him again,
Black Bolt is on the run again.

Kingtime for Inhumans in exile!
Protests are outlawed once more.

Kingtime for Max and Attilan
Means that soon we'll be hiding,
Triton, Karnak, get going!
You know *he'll* be shouting, the bore!

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