1964-10-12 - Maxaganda Monologue
Summary: Maximus makes a speech to counter the accusations made by rebels that he is working with the Kree
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Theme Song: Be Prepared

Maximus moved to the edge of the broad palace balcony, where the last time he stood announcing things, it was his last day as King. This time, it was to address the people. Some smooth talking with a couple of council members, and 2 hours later, here he was. His finger pressed a button to activate an invisible shield on that dais, then he approached and just /stood there/, for half a minute, letting those that had come out, see him in his flapping black and white coat and reticulated pants. He also challenged those who tried to kill him, to do it to his face.

A Genetic Councilman stood nearby in his long robe, but behind, staring right at him. Maximus smiled faintly, the only motion in uncomfortable minutes.

After a moment, the amplified sound carried Maximus’ voice throughout the city by the speakers. If they wanted to, or not, they were going to listen.

“Citizens of Attilan, our great city, this voice you know…is Maximus Boltagon.” Max spoke slowly, well-practiced in the art of giving a speech over speakers that would reverberate and make the words less distinct. “I know that you are afraid.” He lifted one hand and bobbed it on the last three words. “And fear can drive us to believe that hope is out of reach, that desperate measures must be taken, and grasping accusations must be made.” He paused again, letting his insinuation drift through the homes.

“People of Attilan, let me reveal to you the TRUTH. There IS an enemy at work, among us, and above us. This enemy attempts to use fear to divide us and make us vulnerable. This enemy spreads lies to hinder the efforts made against it.” Max lifted his chin and raised his left hand to his heart. “What the enemy does not wish you to know is that, as you may already have noticed, we-are-WINNING! Every hour, Attilan’s finest, Our loyal cousin, Karnak, among them, follow my directives. We have RESTORED THIS CITY to our OWN HANDS!” He lifted both hands level with his head, then slowly lowered them.

“This is why, a day ago, the enemy tried to assassinate YOUR royal. A coward, they perched unseen and shot without care into our midst. Even now, a friend to us all, an ally I have made among the powered humans, struggles for life after taking shots in my stead.” He tapped his heart with one hand and lowered his chin. Then before his next breath, he lifted it again. “But among the chaos, those who were there, rose up! I witnessed Citizen helping Citizen. A woman, shot, pulled away from the fray by her fellow citizens. A child crying out for her parents…reunited by the hand of an elder. An entire crowd, just like you, surrounded me and gave me and my ally protection, and they have been honored by my personal gratitude.”

Max knit his brows, wearing an anguished expression. “Right now, we do not know what has become of my brother, or the brave allies that he took with him to try to repel this attack through other means. All Our hope goes with them on this task, as We work here to protect Attilan and all its people from ANY enemy.” His voice reached a feverish passion, breathing deeply to make it through each slow sentence without a second breath.

“I know you have been afraid. I tell you now, the TIME of FEAR is over! These streets are ours! These controls are ours! The wheel of this city has returned to the rightful hands. The enemy will not defeat us, be they KREE, the HUMANS, or the TRAITORS AMONG US! I stand WITH YOU, working FOR you, and I. AM. NOT. AFRAID!!” Max finished by spreading his hands out to either side, baring his front for the best possible shot from an assassin to prove it.

Standing on the other side of the field Max had erected behind him in that same button press, to ensure no one interrupted his monologuing, stood an annoyed Genetic Councilman.

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