1964-10-13 - Oooh, the Shadowy Government Committee Room!
Summary: Recently returned from his role 'Advising' South Vietnamese forces overseas, Edward Blake 'details' the situation on-the-ground to a shadowy Government committee.
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Theme Song: The Rolling Stones - Now I've Got A Witness (Apr. 16 1964)

"You and the rest of the American people want to hide your heads in the sand, that's just fine by me. Only, I'm here telling you all as a courtesy - 'cause god knows I'd rather be ANYWHERE else on my time off - if we don't get our asses in gear and make a point NOW, there won't even BE a South Vietnam left by the time LBJ makes up his mind. You know, this guy was supposed to be easier to work with than John, and he's still just jerkin' around here…""

Leaning across the large table, Edward Blake - out of uniform and clutching a smoking cigar - looks across the dimness of the massive, tobacco-filled room. There's some vague murmuring amongst certain individuals sitting in a row on the opposite end of the table. Their faces are concealed in the shadows, but Blake seems to be familiar with most of them. And what's more, he doesn't seem to be particularly worried about this shadowy Committee.

"What do you propose we do, Mr. Blake?", a relaxed, smooth voice from the shadows.

"Oh, Jesus f***ing Christ, I dunno - SOMETHING? ANYTHING? You know how many of those shitty Vietnamese 'soldiers' we're backing got slaughtered these past few months alone? How many goddamned AMERICANS out there, trying to advise these shitheads, were killed? You boys fine with sitting there and doing nothing? This the American Way now, huh? Well, HO-LEE SHIT, let me call up Khrushchev and let him know we give up the whole game right now, 'cause why waste the time if you're all so intent on losing this war anyway?"

"Calm yourself, Eddie. Remember, you work for us."

"Yeah, you're right, ED, I work for you. You know I respect you. And believe me, I'm calm. That's why I'm here, trying to talk some sense to all my old friends in this room - rather than jumping off a bridge 'cause the Communists ARE coming." He shows his teeth with a wide, ironic grin before he continues on, "You folks know how many people live in Vietnam? Over 35 million or so - but hell, you probably know better than I do. Point is, that's 35 million more Communists if we don't get some CAPABLE people over there to let these Soviets know we're NOT gonna roll over. Let me talk to some people. Give me a bit of leeway, some kinda operational budget, and I'll put together a team for a mission that'll REALLY strike fear into the hearts of those filthy Commie f***s."

A pause, as Eddie leans back in his chair and calmly puffs his cigar as the Committee considers his words, exhaling smoke into the air. It fits in with the countless cigarette embers burning in the darkness across the table. More hushed whispers, mumbles, Eddie's not even trying to eavesdrop as the men discuss his proposition.

"Mr. Blake. Go get yourself a drink at the usual Hotel. We'll see about getting you some time off from your duties with SHIELD, to… free up your schedule. Expect a call."

"Well, I'll say, it's about goddamn TIME, boys!" says Eddie with a grin, as he pushes the chair away from the desk. He stands up, flashing the shadowy figures a wide grin and shrugging to settle the tension built up in the room. "Figured you'd wanna hear it from someone you boys know you can trust. Now, I gotta go get acquainted with a bottle and a brothel - you know where to reach me," he says with a cynical laugh, "I assume you're having me followed anyway, hah! See you around, gentlemen."

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