1964-11-08 - Nobel Scientist Dead by Suicide
Summary: A Nobel scientist dead by his own hand? Surely not.
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New York (AP) — Housekeeping staff at the Hotel Mansfield discovered the body of esteemed Soviet scientist, Nikolay Basov. They immediately alerted the New York Police Department.

Basov, this year's Nobel Prize winner in Physics, was accompanied by two assistants for a demonstration at Columbia University. NYPD released a terse statement to the press that the scientist was discovered at 9:45 A.M., in a locked room on the third floor of the hotel. Neither of his assistants were in the room and his personal belongings were undisturbed.

Soviet diplomats insisted that Professor Basov attended the conference at the Columbia Radiation Laboratory as a "personal favour to his comrade, Mr. Charles Townes, a fellow Laureate."

An autopsy is scheduled for coming days. However, the NYPD cautioned that Mr. Basov appeared to die by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Further suspicious acts would not be ruled out before an investigation concludes.

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