1964-11-08 - Op. Report: Berlin
Summary: Ops. Report to SHIELD personnel.
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BERLIN II: OPID 11.84.269-33ORFG00

Agent Smythe confirmed LEO made official request for extradition from GDR via dead drop C01 on Leninplatz. Agent Mercer authorized Smythe to approach and make verbal contact on 11.03.1964.

LEO has requested secure transfer for himself and two civilians (ZOSMA and DENEBOLA). LEO's credentials are impeccable as a veteran member of the Committee for State Security (KGB). Veteran of SMERSH. Long tenure (1946-1957) in Vienna established no traceable activities. CIA cross-reference produced no records. Handler is believed to be GOLEN.

GOLEN known to be in favour with Marshal Rodion MALINOVSKY. [—Arnalds]

Established in East Berlin (1960-1964) as senior operative. Asset has ties to political establishment and current naval high establishment. Assumed he has significant inroads.

LEO promises a full accounting of active personnel and secure programs under Chairman of Committee for State Security.

To date no stable resource has extracted information about BLACK OPS from Sovet Ministrov CCCP (Council of Ministers). [—Arnalds]

Over October, LEO transferred request documents via courier to the Deutsche Bundesbank. Technicians confirmed the supplied records for movements and transfer of materiel through Istanbul in September 1964 are accurate. Personnel notes correspond to known Soviet assets operating in Turkey and Greece.

XREF report OPID 11.03.582-14GRDL51 - risk assessment amassed by C Division, enclosed

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