1964-11-08 - Pile Up Troubles Morning Commute
Summary: Man, if commutes aren't hard enough… having someone cut the lights?
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New York (AP) — Commuters felt the crunch of morning rush hour especially keenly on Wednesday morning as a 7-car accident ground westbound traffic to a halt near the Queens-Midtown Tunnel.

A stray truck veered into the middle lanes, striking three cars before coming to a halt. The chain of crashes included a bus and a truck transporting meat to a Midtown restaurant supply company.

Police had difficulty responding to calls due to the extensive backups and wiring failures in the westbound tunnel, causing poor lighting conditions that kept some sections of tunnel in complete darkness for up to 39 minutes.

MTA Bridge and Tunnels spokesperson Samuel Durrance said, "We deeply apologize to New Yorkers for the failures of our engineering today. We'll be taking additional steps to assure that emergency systems are on line when travelers require them most."

Eleven people ended up in area hospitals with injuries. One man remains in critical condition at Mercy Hospital. The driver of the MRM Packing Company truck claimed he saw a man 'fall on his hood outta nowhere.' NYPD investigations continue.

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