1964-11-13 - Aliens. Totally.
Summary: Everyone's favourite HAM radio team in SoHo and East Village swears there are aliens.
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Theme Song: None

You heard the news? The government is starting a war to cover up the existence of aliens. They don't want you to know it, but there are aliens hiding around us and they don't mean guys like you and I anything good.

You don't believe it? there are supers talkin' about hidden cities full of aliens. Where? The same place those boys in fighter jets are flying, and that's no coincidence.

We just elected the same ol' president who came into power when JFK, bless his soul, got shot dead in Texas. And did any of our so-called superheroes stop that? No.

The same ol' president who wants us to keep fightin' over in some jungle hellhole we got no business being in. And funny, his predecessor died 'cause of an alien, remember.

Do the math. Better ask about our 'heroes' who aren't serving the good of mankind. They're willing to hide a secret that could wreck our city, our nation, everything.

Start looking real hard. They're out there. When we find 'em, do what we do to unwanted insects. Burn them out.

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