1964-11-13 - USSR Accuses US of Kidnapping
Summary: The USSR puts the political screws to the US.
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New York (AP) — The Soviet ambassador to the United States held a press conference this morning to question the "provocative capture and unlawful extradition of Soviet scientists" in international waters.

"Our scientific and technical cadre came at the express invitation of our hosts to provide their expertise in assessing a maritime archaeological site," he went on to say. "At least ten of our citizens were forced at gunpoint by American soldiers out of the country. We do not know their whereabouts. Diplomatic overtures were rebuffed. We ask you, Mister President, where are our citizens? How can you call yourself the bastion of freedom when you snatch our nationals from foreign soil?"

Ambassador Dobrynin demanded an explanation from President Johnson, fresh into his second term.

Ethiopia offered to mediate the dispute, and the Soviet diplomatic corps launched an official complaint with the United Nations.

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