1964-11-20 - Aliens in the Sea
Summary: Seriously, the HAM operators are pretty certain there's aliens in the sea. And no, we don't mean Cthulhu.
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Theme Song: None

Overheard at a counterculture club in East Village between HAM radio operators and their friends.

"I've been getting the weirdest broadcasts. Can't make a lick of sense outta them."

"I heard 'em too. Totally sounded like gobbledygook to me."
"My dog was going crazy. Even when I turned it way down, he was still yapping and barking at the speakers. Couldn't hear a thing myself, but maybe he did…"
"So? Someone's chatting it up in, like, Portuguese. Big deal."
"No, you don't get it. I was pointed at the middle of nowhere and I was getting these broadcasts. There's nothing /there/."
"Why were you pointed at nothing?"
"Someone relayed a big shakeup in the ocean and I wanted to see if the remote stations in the Pacific got anything."
"You guys are such dorks. It doesn't mean nothing."
"Dude, there are /aliens/ out there, that's what the people in tighty-whities and colourful pajamas are saying. What if your broadcast was an alien race hiding in the sea? Come on, have some imagination!"
"Yeah. Think about it. Come on, ten bucks says you got something the CIA wishes you didn't."
"Talk like that is getting you a knock on the door from the men in black."
"Or the fucking KGB."
"Don't be serious."

The HAM Radio Club at NYU is down a few members at the next week's meeting…

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