1964-11-20 - Asia-Pacific Hostilities
Summary: Things aren't going very well as the Vietnam War rages on.
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New York (AP) — The war of words continues to escalate between Moscow, Peking, and Washington.

China has reaffirmed its intentions to allow scientists to explore an undersea site of possible significant cultural and historical importance. American diplomats vociferously protested that any scientific expedition to the South China Sea location put the participants at grave risk as the conflict with North Vietnam escalates.

"American warships are actively conducting missions in international waters," said senior State Department officials at the United Nations on Monday. "We urge our allies and fellow nations against pursuing any kind of mission, scientific or humanitarian, in the South China Sea."

The Pentagon confirmed that they will not suspend their campaign against North Vietnamese bases suspected of launching army units and naval boats. Saigon has repeatedly requested American intervention against aggressions led by Hanoi.

The Soviet representative to the United Nations signalled the country will support an international mission to the South China Sea. The U.S. and France have threatened to use their vetos on the Security Council to shoot down any proposal for cultural intervention.

Last week, independent observers claimed an international flotilla with flags from Israel, Sweden, Singapore, India, and Thailand were spotted steaming into the area.

The United Nations Secretary-General U Thant of Myanmar has pleaded for calm and a peaceful resolution. Whether Moscow and Peking or Washington will back down remains to be seen.

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