1964-11-20 - Leading Chinese Diplomat Dead
Summary: Another random death of a leading diplomat after all those scientists isn't random.
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New York (AP) — A leading diplomat from the Republic of China [Taiwan] died Sunday evening, according to the New York Police Department.

Tsang Ting-fu represented Taiwan in the United Nations from 1947 to 1962. A respected historian and teacher, he was instrumental in developing strong economic and social ties between Asia and the West in the wake of World War II. His vocal stance about China's unequal treatment by western powers won many admirers in China and beyond, and he influenced an entire generation of historians.

Taipei appointed him as ambassador to the United States only last year in the wake of the JFK assassination crisis. Ting-fu opposed moves by Peking to establish itself as the "legitimate China," earning many enemies on the mainland. He also advocated strongly for further American investment in Taipei and surrounding countries as a means to stabilize the Asian sphere of influence under democracy.

The State Department expressed its sorrow at the untimely passing, and promised a full investigation. The cause of death remains unknown.

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