1964-11-20 - Nobel Scientist Death "Suspicious"
Summary: That death a few weeks back? Oh, right, it was totally innocent. Totally. If you're paying off the coroner…
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New York (Reuters) — Ambassador Dobrynin of the U.S.S.R. lodged an official complaint and a demand Soviet investigators participate in the criminal investigation into Nikolay Basov's death.

The Nobel Prize winner died suddenly in New York on November 8. The coroner officially identified the death a suicide, but a second autopsy performed by request of Mr. Basov's family found traces of poison and a puncture injury in the inner ear. As a result, Mr. Basov's cause of death has been established as murder by unknown parties.

NYPD warrants are outstanding for Mr. Basov's assistants, who have not been seen since November 11. No records could be confirmed if they returned to Moscow via Beirut on Aeroflot.

"That a scientist can be murdered in his hotel room on American soil is an unthinkable horror to the Soviet Union. We have a duty to assure the safety of our citizens at a time of increased political tension," said Ambassador Dobrynin in a fiery interview to NBC. "I won't rest until we have a full apology to Comrade Basov's family and an explanation for how this could happen. Rest assured, we will pursue this to the fullest extent of our resources. So help us, his murderer will fear for the rest of his days, short as they are."

The death of the Nobel laureate comes at a time of badly deterioriating Soviet-American relations.

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