1964-11-22 - Christmas' Hottest Toy!
Summary: What's the top toy this year? Glad you asked…
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New York (Reuters) — Parents are on high alert after Macy's has announced toy flying off the shelves before youngsters have even sat down on Santa Claus' lap!

Shops all over the city are scrambling to keep the special toy on the shelves as frantic shoppers line up before the doors even open in hopes of finding one.

The Elflight is a special toy for children to put out before Christmas. Why? To help St. Nick find his way on Christmas Eve, of course! During the day the Christmas spirit shines down on the crystal and glasslike exterior, and at night, the elf inside reflects stars onto the walls and ceiling. By some special North Pole power, the Elflight gets a little brighter and changes the stars the closer it gets to Christmas.

All parents need to do is place the Elflight somewhere with access to natural light, like their lucky son or daughter's nightstand. A full eight hours of exposure is necessary to see beautiful constellations.

The Daily Bugle investigated and our Christmas Toy Committee announced the Elflight was made from materials safe for children. It's sure to light up their faces to see one of these pretty lanterns glowing bright on Christmas night, showing Santa the way to your chimney flue or Christmas Tree.

Rating: A+

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