1964-11-23 - Spidey's Great Sauce Hunt
Summary: Aunt May sends Peter on a mission of utmost importance!
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"Be a dear, while you're out tonight?" Aunt May suggested while getting out one of Ben's ties to offer to Peter as he prepared for the Macy's ball. Peter fidgetted in the tuxedo, trying to get used to the feel of it. "Sure, Aunt May, what do you need?"

"Cranberry sauce. And goodness, I can't remember how tie one of these, maybe Mary Jane can help?" May smiled warmly at her nephew. "But I forgot the cranberry sauce for the stuffing tomorrow."

"Sure thing, Aunt May!" Peter pledged with a smile before taking the tie and headed off to get Mary Jane's assistance. May waited for Peter to leave, and then picked up the phone, dialing the number for NYU. "Operator, can I have the room of Mary Jane Watson, please?"

"Cranberry sauce. I can't believe I forgot the cranberry sauce!" Peter swung over the Grand Central Parkway, glancing down as he watched the traffic below.

He had stayed up too late taking pictures of the gala, and if he was to be honest with himself, there was as many pictures of debutants as there was of Mary Jane in the stunning blue dress she had adorned herself in for the event. He wished he could have paid more attention to her - but he was only at the party for the whims of J. Jonah Jameson, and the editor was constantly pointing him around, "Parker!" his voice would call out, "Take my picture with Joe Naamath, he's the new quarterback of the Jets!" "Parker! Take a picture of Jean Shrimpton!" "Parker!"

And now here he was, with a small bag at his waist carrying two cans of cranberry sauce as they clattered together. "Come on, I got plenty of time.." he started to say.

Of course, that would be the time that down on the bridge, there was a large explosion. Swinging down towards it, an armored truck was being attacked by Electro. "..hey!" Spider-Man called out towards Electro, "Don't you know that it's a holiday! Shouldn't you be home with your little bulbs?"

Several minutes later, Electro was trapped in the back of the armored truck, angrily volting away as the tires of the truck insulated it from further attack. "…now remember, you need to remain grounded when playing with electricity? Right, Electro?" This only brought a string of curses from the truck.

"I still have time!" Peter swung away from the scene on his web line, thwipping towards his Aunt's house when he saw a line of police sirens and smoke rising in the distance. "…I have time." he says, turning his direction towards the two story house on fire.

Pulling the kitten from his costume, he owed softly, "Claws. Claws. Claws. Someone should name you Santa Claws." Handing the kitten to the girl huddled in the blanket, he turned to the firemen on scene. "Hey, you got this?"

"Yeah, we have it, webhead!" one of the firemen called out, "Thanks for the assist."

"Don't mention it. Really. Jameson will probably say I set it." Spider-Man took off on a web line again. That had taken longer than he thought, and when he arrived at May Parker's house, he already knew he was late. Zipping into his bedroom through the open window, he hurriedly changed from his costume back to his civilian clothing and came downstairs. "Aunt May, I got the sauce!" he called out.

"Oh Peter, you're just in time!" Aunt May offered with a smile, hugging her nephew close and kissing his cheek. "Ooof, you smell like smoke! You're not using cigarettes, are you?" she asked worriedly as she accepted the bag.

"No, Aunt May.. neighbors were burning some leaves is all!" Peter protested, as he noticed the extra settings. "Are we expecting company?" he asked as May moved towards the kitchen to get the cans out of the bag.

"Anna will be over in a moment, and she's bringing Mary Jane with her. Did you have a lovely evening with her?"

Peter's cheek turned as crimson as the can of sauce, fumbling for an answer, but paused when he noticed May's crestfallen look. "…what is it?" he asked worriedly.

"Oh, Peter, I wanted the jelly. You got the whole berry cranberry sauce."

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