1964-11-28 - Bad Time for Stargazing
Summary: Those radio operators speak a terrible truth about Gemini 2.
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Theme Song: None

Hey, it's the HAM radio operators in East Village again. Just having another coffee klatsch and talking about their favourite subject…

"You can't tell me there aren't aliens now. You heard the transmission?"

"I dunno, it was pretty damn scratchy and hard to hear."

"Pal, the astronaut said they were being chased by a spacecraft that looked like a big white needle."

"It coulda been a satellite or something."

"You think Gus Frickin' Grissom doesn't know a satellite from a spaceship while he is *on* a spaceship?"

"Look, Sam's real quiet today. You okay, buddy? You were tuned in yesterday, what happened?"

"Um. You didn't hear about the photon beams, did you?"

"Whoa, let's just calm down there, Asimov. Photon beams? They were being fired on with…"

"Photon beams. And it wasn't no Iron Man firing them."

"Gus Grissom was up there screaming about a mystery spaceship attacking him with /mystery/ weapons and Iron Man is like not even in the air doing whatever. So what does that leave?"

"Is it too late to set up a workers' Soviet? 'Cause, comrades, I think we're being handed our patooties by the ghost of Lenin."

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