1964-11-28 - International Troubles
Summary: International events, as stepping stones to a major incident in the making…
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London (AP) — The USSR summoned the American ambassador on Tuesday evening. The unexpected request from Moscow follows a month of heightened tensions. Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union, has been under pressure from his Politburo colleagues to take a hard line on several "infractions" against Soviet citizens.


Geneva (AP) — Members of UNESCO, the cultural and educational agency of the UN, passed a majority resolution that affirms a site in the South China Sea holds a special historical and cultural significance to the collective interest of humanity.

The declaration calls on all member nations to cease military or industrial activities in the area. The resolution also called for immediate scientific and archaeological investigation. A multinational effort to establish a fund to allow for such initial investigations received support from India, the People's Republic of China, Ethiopia, Wakanda, Argentina, Thailand, and South Africa.

The United States has refused to comment on the continued military activities against North Vietnam. The USSR has declared a $1 million investment towards submarine recordings of the undersea site.


West Berlin (AP) — An incident in a rail station in West Berlin injured 6 and caused havoc for transportation in and out of the city.

An unknown man detonated an explosive device at a subway station. The resulting explosion caused temporary hearing loss and vision damage to passengers awaiting the U8 train. The line runs through East Berlin at high speeds.

East German police immediately shut down the rail line and suspended transportation on all civilian lines for 17 hours, causing traffic chaos on both sides of the border. West German officials scoured their side of the rail line for evidence of incursions. Officials have refused to comment on whether the attack was an attempt to defect or intended to trouble the delicate balance of peace in the highly charged political atmosphere.

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