1964-11-28 - Op. Report: Remote C
Summary: Ops. Report to SHIELD personnel.
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SITEC: OPID 11.97.334-17NCI88
Transmission sent from SHIELD telecommunications analysts stationed on USS Mullinix [Remote C]. Relay from secure transmissions to GT-3 group and NASA.

Grissom: Fire!
Young: Fire off our wing!
CSQ: Say again, Molly Brown, CSQ. Fire in the bird?
Technical: Gyros failing on left side. Speed and altitude increase.
Grissom: Someone's firing on us!.
Technical: Heart rates for Grissom and Young spiking. Panic.
Young: What the hell is that? Sweet Mother of God, Gus, it's a ship. It's a ship up here. How? What's going on?
Grissom: I don't know. I can't see it, can you get a read?
Young: Looks like a white needle. Closing on us.
Grissom: It's going to hit us.
Young: Oh my God. How is it moving that fast? The radio interference, I can't get through clear.
Grissom: Give it all we got. Put this bird up and maybe they will pass under.
Young: Retrorockets are all we've got for a burn. Commence burn?
Grissom: CSQ, this is Molly Brown. They're gaining. We've initiated retrorockets, down to twenty-six percent and dropping.
Young: Shit, shit, shit.
Grissom: Watch your mouth, Jack! We're gaining altitude.
Young: They're overtaking us, Gus, there's nothing we got to outrun something that big.
Grissom: That's not possible. That's a red…
Young: Goddamn, Russkis attacking us.
Grissom: What's that blue light?
Young: Is it a ball or a beam? …Ball. They're shooting again.
Grissom: [string of harsh profanity]
Young: You bring us home! Do you hear me, how'd no one know they were up there?!

[Transmission ends]

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