1964-11-29 - Dramatic Berlin Car Chase
Summary: The Daily Bugle reports on the craziness in Berlin.
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West Berlin (Reuters) — A dramatic chase through the streets of Berlin sounds like a movie. But for American military police at Checkpoint Charlie, the Cold War drama was very real.

Over a week ago, a transport truck careened down Friedrichstrasse, the main avenue through divided East and West Berlin. In the heart of the city core, a stream of East German police cars rushed out of the late night gloom with sirens ablaze.

The driver performed a dangerous maneuver that careened through the East German side of the checkpoint, rebounding off cement barriers and tearing through restraining wires meant to stop defectors from reaching the west through the gap in the Berlin Wall. The truck flipped over, bullet-riddled and tires shredded. When the driver emerged to drawn guns, MPs faced a choice: turn him over to the East Germans, let him cross and cause an international incident, or fire back.

WIth tensions at a peak, the sound do a child crying and the alert from the man, who identified himself as a US soldier, prompted immediate action. Corp. Gates extracted one badly injured child from the back of the truck as the doors opened.

The East Germans looked on. The truck was across the line in the American zone. And the children were taken to hospital while the man, widely understood to be the assassin of Captain America, vanished into the Berlin night.

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