1964-11-29 - Op. Warning: Berlin
Summary: Ops. Warning report to SHIELD personnel.
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BERLIN I: OPID 11.29.733-159BBN98

Agent Gates reported asset JAMES BARNES identified himself after crashing a transport truck through Checkpoint Charlie at 03:38 AM local time on [date classified]. The cargo area crossed the border of the American Zone and Commandant John Franklin's team took control of the situation.

Barnes declared the vehicle contained unlawfully detained minors. Agent Gates and US military police extracted twelve children, estimated ages five to fourteen, from the damaged cargo area. Personnel assessed injuries onsite from minor to serious. Evidence of medical sedation included slurring, non-responsiveness, dilated pupils, and general lack of physical tone. Barnes stated East German forces declared the children "dissidents."

Children transported to medical facilities and agents dispatched to monitor their condition.

Contact with Barnes lost by 03:46 AM. Attempts to re-establish unsuccessful. Witnesses confirmed sightings in vicinity of Berlin Tiergarten at 02:29 and 05:47.

[Level 5 Clearance]
Engaging assets in East Germany to identify possible whereabouts of Barnes.

[Level 8 Clearance]
CONFIRMED… CHILDREN match description provided by asset LEO and asset FLASHLIGHT. Monitoring for evidence of metahuman activity. Due to high levels of sedation in patients, timeline for accurate readings remains unclear. Technicians and personnel requested to assist with measurement. Exfil plan approved?

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