1964-11-30 - Industrialist Dead at Radio City
Summary: Black Widow assassinates someone of significance to Project Virgo… and that business in the South China Sea, if you were paying attention.
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OOC Note: Black Widow included because obviously. ;)

New York (Reuters) — A leading shipping magnate is dead after a bizarre event at Radio City Music Hall.

Nikola Grigoryev, 57, attended the Christmas Spectacular show at 8:00 PM on Tuesday with his wife, Tatiana, and fellow senior staff at Bremen Holdings. Grigoryev owned the Euroseas Ltd. shipping company, a major maritime transporter of merchandise from Europe to Asia and North America. He owned the Pride of Westchester, a container ship that sank under mysterious circumstances in the South China Sea caused an uproar in shipping circles throughout July and August. The cause of the sinking still has not been confirmed.

Grigoryev's death comes at a disastrous time for American-Soviet relations. Though a citizen of Finland, Grigoryev retained a Russian passport and maintained broad ties with the Russian diaspora in New York and Europe.

He died by electrocution, the coroner announced late Thursday morning. NYPD continues to question dancers and staff. But, as they say, the show must go on. The cancelled extravaganza shows resume on December 3.

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