1964-11-30 - Ops. Emergency
Summary: Ops. Emergency report to SHIELD personnel.
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Agent MARCHMONT (clearance 5) of F Team [Personnel Protection] has taken unsanctioned leave of the Triskelion with his sidearm and an experimental weapon.

Agents tracked his car to the East River, and have been unable to determine his whereabouts. His wife and two sons remain in protective custody.

MARCHMONT is to be treated as armed and dangerous. Do not approach the agent without confirming backup with SHIELD senior staff. He may have experienced a psychotic episode as the result of extreme stress. His psychological reports suggest he experienced considerable trauma with the loss of his most recent team, and he is currently SUSPENDED.

MARCHMONT was last seen headed into Queens. He has been absent since 3:29 PM Eastern time. Emergency personnel are on notice.

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