1964-12-04 - Astronauts Testifying to Congress
Summary: What happened in the upper atmosphere to Gemini 2?
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Washington, D.C. (AP) — Congressional committees summoned Lt. Col. Gus Grissom and Cap. John Young to testify about the harrowing events over the Atlantic Ocean early last week. The testimonies are slated to cover six hours on Monday and four hours on Tuesday.

The astronauts on the doomed Gemini 2 mission were released from hospital over the weekend, after being pronounced in good health. NASA has rebuffed all interview requests and imposed a media blackout, going so far as to refuse inquiries where the two brave men convalesced.

Lt. Col. Grissom will undoubtedly be asked to debrief Congressmen on exactly what he saw in orbit and answer questions. The closed door session is expected to have the highest security protocols, prohibiting members to bring any writing instruments or take notes.

The Senate confirmed they similarly intend to question the astronauts for a better understanding of the event.

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