1964-12-04 - Congressional Misbehaviour
Summary: At the Starfall party hosted by the best and brightest, a congressperson goes slightly mad. Thanks to Maximus the Mad…
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New York (AP) — Voters in the 26th District may be questioning their judgment electing Paul O. Reid as their representative in November's election. Congressman Reid made a spectacle of himself at a party held at the World's Fair, swaying his hands back and forth during a conversation with dignitaries and socialites, including the Swedish consul-general.

His abrupt change in behaviour bemused his companions and Congressman Reid immediately exited the party after his display. He immediately issued an apology in the local newspaper for his "uncustomary actions and regrets any embarrassment they may have caused to the fine people of the Twenty-Sixth District."

The congressman was elected in 1960 to represent the Republican Party in the Eighty-seventh Congress. He was elected this year to serve on the Intelligence Committee.

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